Data Management

Database tailored to analgesic research

Our analgesic databases are part 11 and CDISC compliant with an audit trail and other key quality features. Our databases fulfills important baseline attributes while allowing for the specialized configuration required for analgesic report outputs. Our database are configured with the end goal in mind: analgesic primary and secondary endpoints.

When interim analyses are required, time is of the essence. Precise, well-organized data output allows the biostatistician to efficiently access the information required by the interim analyses in a timely manner. We perform test exports and analysis of dummy protocol specific data well before the time of the interim analyses so kinks can be ironed out prior to "crunch time."

Case report forms

Our staff meticulously crafts the CRFs needed to meet the customized data collection criteria of analgesic protocols. Staff writers work diligently to ensure all data points are captured accurately and that subject diary data dovetail with EDC fields.

Data management offerings

  • CRF Design
  • EDC development, implementation and management
  • eCRF design, validation, and maintenance
  • Query and annotations management
  • Medical coding
  • Online access to system
  • Custom Reports tailored to each individual trial
  • Quick implementation of EDC solution