Clinical Monitoring

Our monitors are highly experienced in reading and understanding the clinical charts of typical analgesic patients. They have experience with both outpatient and inpatient analgesic charting, including anesthetic records and surgical procedure notes. Monitors are also trained in placebo response reduction and the administration of analgesic questionnaires. Proprietary Lotus generated training tools allow them to efficiently pass this information on to site-level staff.

Blinded Analgesic Methodology Analysis

We customize remote data capture and monitoring for logical data queries for analgesic protocols. Most studies simultaneously capture multiple endpoints that should logically flow in different directions, such as an increase in pain relief or a decrease in pain intensity. Sponsors can use our proprietary system to compare analgesic scales and ensure that sites are correctly capturing critical study endpoints, as well as evaluate rescue medication usage and patient dropout rates. Utilizing our blinded data monitoring tools, sponsors can identify and fix a study’s methodological problems during (not after) the open enrollment period.

Medical Monitoring

​Patient safety is critical in clinical trials. At Lotus, we have an experienced team of physicians and nurses dedicated to providing a support network for our clinical trial subjects. Lotus provides a 24 hour safety service for our clinical trials.