Lotus is a Nationally Known KOL & Top Enrolling Center in PONV

Key to PONV Success

The key to enhancing effect size and improving the sensitivity of clinical trials in PONV is adequately controlling the use of rescue medication. Nationally, because of the safety and efficacy of 5HT antagonists, the use of antiemetics for rescue nausea in the post-operative setting has become prevalent. In clinical research trials, the proper use of rescue medication is carefully delineated by the study protocol. However, changing institutional practice in order to comply with study protocol is often difficult for many centers to accomplish. At Lotus, we have instituted several techniques so that the use of rescue can comply exactly with the regimen that the study protocol has mandated. This has resulted in significantly higher sensitivity for clinical trials conducted at Lotus which leads to decreased risk of false negative clinical trials and higher probability of success.

Recent PONV Enrollment History

Phase Compound Avg. Site Enrollment Enrolled by Lotus
Phase 3 Aprepitant 15 22
Phase 3 Casopitant 2552 8 57
Phase 2 Casopitant 2660 4 62