Dental Pain Research

Of all the acute pain models that one can choose, dental pain has been shown to have the greatest assay sensitivity, fastest recruitment and the lowest cost*. Lotus is an ideal choice for dental pain (third molar extraction) studies not only because of it capabilities in the dental model itself, but because of its ability to advise and conduct later phase studies. Most sponsors who are involved with dental pain programs are planning their phase II and phase III programs. This planning process necessitates strategic decision-making and regulatory correspondence. Having Lotus on board during this critical early period is of significant value.

*NK Singla,®

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Subject Recruitment

With 12 million people in the greater Los Angeles area and the proximity of six local colleges, recruitment into dental studies at Lotus is swift and reliable. Additionally, Los Angeles provides a diverse ethnic group, which is an important component of early phase research. Our recruiting team consists of multiple full-time call-center operators, a call center manager and a media buyer. They achieve excellent results by utilizing our in-house database, social media and newspaper/radio advertisement.

Proprietary Methodology

Lotus utilizes placebo response reduction techniques along with an impaction grading scale to maximize the sensitivity of your analgesic investigation.

Contemporaneous Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Assessments

The Lotus phase 1 team is skilled in pharmacokinetic assessment and processing. All staff who handle blood products are IATA certified. The unit is equipped with a refrigerated centrifuge and -70 freezer.

Double Stopwatch Technique

Staff has had extensive experience with the double stopwatch methodology. Subjects are trained with our proprietary tools to understand the difference between perceptible and meaningful relief.

Dental Facilities

Lotus utilizes a board-certified oral-maxillofacial surgeon and state-of-the-art equipment to perform the actual extractions.