Lotus is known world wide as a top-enrolling center for all types of analgesic research studies. We have the world's largest analgesic clinical trial database with over 12,000 potential study volunteers. Our database has accrued since 2001 utilizing nearly $5 million dollars in advertising funds. It is lovingly maintained, sorted and pruned to yield excellent enrollment results.

Phase Pain Model Pts per month LOTUS Pts per month
ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier:
3 Lap. Cholecystectomy 13.3 1.1 NCT01052012
3 Hemorrhoidectomy 13.5 2 NCT00744848
3 Inguinal Hernia Repair 25.2 3.2 NCT00551135
3 Hysterectomy 9.2 0.4 NCT00468845
2 Chronic Low Back Pain 25 10 LINK NOT AVAILABLE
2a Shoulder Arthroscopy 13.8 2.9 NCT00811577
2a Opioid-Induced Constipation 20 7 NCT01207427
3 Total Hip Replacement 3.3 1.2 LINK NOT AVAILABLE

Comparison of Patients Randomized Per Month at Lotus vs. non-Lotus sites