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Bunionectomy as an Analgesic Model

In analgesic clinical trials, selecting the type of model to use can be challenging as each has their own pros and cons. As an analgesic model, Bunionectomy has excellent assay sensitivity.  In the paper linked below our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Neil Singla, discusses the clinical and experimental characteristics of four acute surgical pain models: Dental extraction, bunionectomy, joint replacement, and soft tissue surgery. Every surgical procedure has unique clinical characteristics that must be considered to optimize study design and conduct. Much of the methodological knowledge garnered from bunion and dental studies is applicable to other surgical models, but some extrapolations are hazardous.

Bunionectomy is a well-established analgesic model, but it is important to understand its nuances. In the webinar referenced below our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Neil Singla, describes the model and its experimental characteristics.

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