Lotus Clinical Research monitors have experience with both outpatient and inpatient analgesic charting, including anesthetic records and surgical procedure notes. Monitors are also trained in placebo response reduction and the administration of analgesic questionnaires. Proprietary Lotus generated training tools allow them to efficiently pass this information onto site-level staff.

Lotus Clinical Research’s select group of monitors dedicate themselves to providing an exceptional level of quality data review while thoroughly engaging themselves with study sites. Our monitors perform on-site clinical trial monitoring visits throughout the length of the study to oversee the collection of data; review clinical laboratory results, source documentation and electronic/paper case report forms; resolve data queries; and confirm regulatory compliance.

In order to ensure structural and procedural independence is maintained between our CRO and site, monitors report directly to, and are managed by, Lotus Clinical Research CRO project managers. Our monitors:


  • Are experienced in Phase I-IV clinical studies
  • Provide GCP-focused data review
  • Are trained/experienced in analgesic clinical trials
  • Provide flexible scheduling to ensure proper on-site time
  • Provide fast turnaround time for site visit reports

Our Analgesic Expertise

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We are analgesic experts with a proven track record of conducting successful, full-service analgesic studies from startup through all phases of analgesic clinical trials. Learn more about our best-in-class capabilities, tools, and techniques.