Jul. 7, 2017


Analgesic Experts Converge to Push Forward on Advancing Pain Research

PASADENA, California, July 7, 2017

Combating the opioid crisis in America will take collaboration from doctors, scientists, researchers, and the government. Dr. Neil Singla, Chief Scientific Officer at Lotus Clinical Research and Chair of Analgesic Clinical Trials Shared Interest Group for American Pain Society hosted the 2nd annual Conference on Analgesic Trials (APS-CAT) May 17, 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which provided an opportunity for these worlds to connect.

The event featured presentations and an interactive Q&A session with seven world-renowned experts in pain including current and former FDA Division Directors Drs. Sharon Hertz and Lee Simon. This one-day event brought its attendees inside access to their combined years of experience and knowledge of analgesics, providing a unique opportunity to talk to, hear from, and understand what these leading experts are thinking and where they agree and disagree.  “APS-CAT is really a unique venue that brings together people from the FDA, Academia, and the Pharma/Biotech arenas along with consultants and others who have a lot of experience in designing and running clinical trials” said William K. Schmidt, President of North Star Consulting.  “I always come away from each meeting with new ideas for helping with my research and consulting interests.”

Dr. Neil Singla recreated 2016’s successful inaugural APS-CAT event due to overwhelmingly positive feedback, and over 160 participants were in attendance to discuss all aspects of analgesic clinical trial design and conduct. As a respected thought leader in analgesic research, he has been instrumental in gathering the FDA and top scientists together to push the analgesic research field forward in an effort to create better clinical trials.  This event brought together analgesic research experts to collaborate on how to improve clinical trial conduct, convey current best practices, discuss experimental methods to increase analgesic trial assay sensitivity, highlight common clinical pain models and discuss their pros/cons, and to gather like-minded researchers at the APS Annual Scientific Meeting to facilitate networking and future collaboration.

Mark your calendars – the 2018 American Pain Society Conference on Analgesic Trials will be held on Sunday March 4, 2018 in Anaheim, California.

Hadley Rakowski
Lotus Clinical Research