Nov. 28, 2016

Recro Pharma, Inc. (Nasdaq:REPH), a revenue generating specialty pharmaceutical company focused on products for hospital and ambulatory care settings, currently developing non-opioid products for the treatment of serious acute pain, today announced positive results from its second of two Phase III clinical trials evaluating intravenous (IV) meloxicam for the treatment of acute postoperative pain. In this trial, IV meloxicam achieved the primary endpoint of a statistically significant difference in Summed Pain Intensity Difference (SPID) over the first 24 hours (SPID24), compared to placebo, in patients following abdominoplasty surgery. With the positive data from this study, the Company believes this completes the efficacy program for the IV meloxicam New Drug Application (NDA)…

“The data from this trial demonstrated that IV meloxicam achieved a statistically significant difference in SPID24 pain relief following abdominoplasty surgery, a favorable safety and tolerability profile, and impressive impact on the number of times patients required rescue throughout the 0-24 and 24-48 hour periods, as well as the percent of subjects with ≥30% improvement at 24 hours,” said Neil Singla, M.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Lotus Clinical Research. “These data are important because they show that, if approved, IV meloxicam has the potential to be a new, non-opioid alternative for patients with moderate-to-severe pain following soft tissue surgery.”

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