At Lotus Clinical Research, we have spent years honing our clinical trial skills in order to minimize variability and reduce placebo response in our investigations.

At our research site in Pasadena, California, Lotus Clinical Research has developed subject and staff education packages designed to maximize assay sensitivity. We have successfully deployed these educational programs in numerous multicenter investigations through our CRO.

By reducing variability and placebo response, Standardized Effect Size (SES) is maximized. Lotus Clinical Research provides the experience and guidance necessary to design and execute study protocols that will have high assay sensitivity.


The Importance of Standardized Effect Size

Our Therapeutic Expertise

Therapeutic Expertise

In assisting with the advancement of pain therapies, Lotus Clinical Research seeks to invent and
operationalize research methods that improve study design and conduct for analgesic trials,
which support our mission to help alleviate the opioid crisis in society.