A significant portion of an analgesic investigation’s variability is produced secondary to cognitive gaps the patient may have when interpreting various protocol-mandated scales and questions. All pharmaceutical companies spend a large amount of time perfecting their protocol and selecting/educating quality sites; however, an equal amount of effort is rarely placed on patient education.

At Lotus Clinical Research, we believe this piece of the puzzle is the responsibility of the CRO and necessitated the development of proprietary educational materials, including a patient education video and a detailed patient post-test.

The Lotus Clinical Research Subject Education Program:

  • Provides a proprietary two-step process for subject education, including a 14-minute video and a tailored patient post-test.
  • Demonstrates an increase in our effect size, and as such, confers additional statistical power to our pharmaceuticals clients.
  • Focuses on key concepts, such as understanding protocol mandated analgesic scales, understanding the difference between a treatment relationship and a research relationship, and embracing the concepts of placebo control and double-blind.
  • Prepares subjects for an analgesic post-test, which is designed to identify any cognitive gaps that the subject may have regarding the protocol-mandated analgesic scales and/or their role as an unbiased study participant.

View an introduction to our patient education video series by Dr. Neil Singla.

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