May. 19, 2011

Oxycodone HCl/Niacin in Relieving Moderate-to-Severe Postoperative Pain Following Bunionectomy Surgery: Timing of Analgesic Response


Opioids are highly effective analgesics that play an integral role in the management of both acute and chronic pain.

Short-acting opioids, including immediate-release (IR) oxycodone HCl, have a well-established role in relieving postsurgical pain.

Concern regarding the potential misuse or abuse of opioid analgesics
may limit their use by clinicians, and thus contribute to the undertreatment
of pain.

In 2009, an estimated 5.3 million persons aged ≥12 years in the United States reported non-medical use of prescription pain relievers in the past month.

Opioids, including IR oxycodone HCI, are commonly abused via oral routes—mainly by swallowing and chewing—but can also be abused intranasally or intravenously.

There is a need for opioid analgesics that provide efficacy comparable to traditional agents, but with properties that make them less desirable for abuse.

An oxycodone HCI/niacin oral tablet formulation has been developed that, in addition to oxycodone HCI, contains 30 mg of niacin intended to discourage excess oral consumption.

Here we report on the efficacy and safety of oxycodone HCl/niacin tablets and the timing of analgesia for the treatment of moderate-to-severe pain following bunionectomy surgery.

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