Lotus Clinical Research’s pain research site is a private facility located inside a major metropolitan hospital in Los Angeles County. This provides our team and our clients with unprecedented access to state-of-the-art medical equipment and services, a large and ethnically-diverse population of subjects to recruit from, and a central IRB for rapid study starts.
Analgesic drug approvals
Pain trials completed
Positive FDA audits and no 483s issued
  • Specialty Analgesic Services

    Specialty Analgesic Services

    Most studies simultaneously capture multiple endpoints that should logically flow in different directions, such as an increase in pain relief or a decrease in pain intensity. We customize remote data capture and monitoring for logical data queries for analgesic protocols...
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  • Unit Features

    Unit Features

    Lotus Clinical Research’s facility provides extensive safety protocols, scientific oversight, and a broad range of ancillary study-related amenities that include: Outpatient clinic and multiday inpatient housing environment Private patient rooms with bathrooms just steps from the bed All rooms equipped..
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  • Pharmacy


    Lotus Clinical Research provides access to on-site pharmacy services at our facility, with features and safety measures that support ongoing analgesic research programs: Double-locked narcotics room PCA and infusion pumps for drug administration Laminar flow hood Ambient and refrigerator storage..
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  • Lab & Specialized Equipment

    Lab & Specialized Equipment

    We can provide continuous capnography and pulse oximetry monitoring as well as multiple ECG machines and on-site X-ray machine and radiology imaging…
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  • Enrollment Results

    Enrollment Results

    Lotus Clinical Research is renowned as a top enrolling center for all types of analgesic research studies. We have a large analgesic clinical trial database with over 58,000 potential study volunteers. Our database has been accrued since 2001, utilizing nearly..
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  • CSF Sampling

    CSF Sampling

    Lotus Clinical Research is able to perform specialized studies requiring CSF sampling (both intermittent and continuous). Understanding the distribution of pharmaceutical agents in the central compartment is important for many pharmaceutical products. At Lotus Clinical Research, we have performed several..
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  • Lotus Site Network

    Lotus Site Network

    In September 2019, Lotus acquired HD Research, a network of specialty US analgesic research sites run by board certified anesthesiologists Harold Minkowitz, MD and David Leiman, MD. The core mission of our combined company is to standardize recruitment of chronic..
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  • Lotus Unified Site Methodology Program

    Lotus Unified Site Methodology Program

    Lotus ensures consistent data across its site network with an intensive, multi-tiered training program, using: Network-Wide, In-Person Study-Specific Training As each Lotus site is brought on to a study, all participating staff undergo a full-day in-person training on study drug,..
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Our Analgesic Expertise

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We are analgesic experts with a proven track record of conducting successful, full-service analgesic studies from startup through all phases of analgesic clinical trials. Learn more about our best-in-class capabilities, tools, and techniques.

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