Lotus Clinical Research is renowned as a top enrolling center for all types of analgesic research studies. We have a large analgesic clinical trial database with over 58,000 potential study volunteers. Our database has been accrued since 2001, utilizing nearly $5 million dollars in cumulative advertising funds. The database is sortable by multiple factors, including specific analgesic disease state (low back pain vs. neuropathic pain, etc.) and daily morphine mEq consumption. It is actively maintained, sorted, and pruned to yield excellent enrollment results.

Conventional Surgical ModelLotus Recruited Surgical Model
Recruitment StrategyAccrual from existing practice and surgery calendar... “watch and wait” for patientsActive recruitment using television, radio, newspaper advertisements and social media as well as surgery calendar
Ethics ReviewLocal IRB ( 4 - 8 weeks)Central IRB (2 - 4 weeks)
StandardizationHindered by large healthcare team involved in hospital based patient careOptimized secondary to research team providing all care: surgeon, anesthesiologist, and nurses are all part of the study team
CostIncreased secondary to need for multiple centers and high degree of coordination on behalf of the CRODecreased secondary to high volume patient throughput. Project costs can be reduced by over 30% compared to a larger, multicenter trial as a result of reduced time for investigator recruitment and training, CRA travel, project management, etc.

Enrollment Results


PhasePain ModelPts Per Month Lotus SitePts Per Month Non-Lotus SiteClinicaltrials.gov Identifier
3Lap. Cholecystectomy13.31.1NCT01052012
3Inguinal Hernia Repair25.23.2NCT00551135
2Chronic Low Back Pain2510LINK NOT AVAILABLE
2aShoulder Arthroscopy13.82.9NCT00811577
2aOpioid-Induced Constipation207NCT01207427
3Hip Replacement3.31.2LINK NOT AVAILABLE

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Led by Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Neil Singla, Lotus Clinical Research has assisted in the delivery of hundreds of innovative solutions for patient care in pain management since 2001.
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