Acute Pain

The advanced models necessary for rapid recruitment and reliable results.


Most analgesic programs require an experiment that demonstrates drug efficacy in soft tissue surgery. While bunionectomy is the gold standard for acute pain experiments in boney surgery, for many years there was no soft tissue equivalent to a bunionectomy.


Bunionectomy is a highly standardized, rapidly recruiting boney pain model.   As a CRO and research site, Lotus Clinical Research is nationally recognized for its experience and proficiency in bunionectomy research. For bunionectomy trials, Lotus Clinical Research provides both site..

Joint Replacement Surgery

Lotus Clinical Research brings extensive expertise in the field of joint replacement studies.  We offer comprehensive services for single-center investigations conducted within our own affiliated facilities..

Third Molar Extraction

Dental – Of all the acute pain models one can choose from, dental pain has been shown to have the greatest assay sensitivity, fastest recruitment, and the lowest cost. Lotus Clinical Research is an ideal choice for dental pain (third..