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Lotus Site Network

In September 2019, Lotus acquired HD Research, a network of specialty US analgesic research sites run by board certified anesthesiologists Harold Minkowitz, MD and David Leiman, MD. The core mission of our combined company is to standardize recruitment of chronic pain clinical trials using the same methodology Lotus used to standardize recruited models in acute pain, and to develop methodological innovations to perform both chronic and acute pain trials more quickly and accurately. Our combined company has collectively conducted over 500 studies in pain and other indications, including 13 osteoarthritis trials.

With the HD Research acquisition, Lotus now owns and operates a network of 7 clinical trial sites. As a CRO we bring these sites to bear in order to ensure rapid enrollment and thoroughly optimized/standardized methodology across trials.

Lotus purchased the HD sites specifically to address a core problem prevalent in pain research: variability in large multi-site trials secondary to inadequate training and inadequately-standardized study conduct. Lotus spent the past decade creating new best practices for standardizing the conduct of acute pain trials in surgical models like bunionectomy and abdominoplasty. We have now expanded this methodology into chronic pain and non-pain-related surgical models in order to enable better study outcomes. Additionally, owning multiple high-volume sites allows Lotus to control, enhance and guarantee enrollment rates.

  • Accelerated study startup: performing startup at sites with deep, specialized experience greatly simplifies operations and reduces startup time
  • Accelerated enrollment: Lotus sites are typically the fastest-enrolling centers in the country for acute and chronic pain and related indications
  • Pharmacokinetic expertise: sites in Lotus’ network generally have in-house PK capability due to their background in acute surgical pain studies