The development of effective treatments for psychiatric disorders has been proven to be challenging.  Lotus CRO offers a unique level of expertise in the conduct of Central Nervous System (CNS) research.  With a wide range of Subject Matter Experts spanning the realm of therapeutic indications across the CNS spectrum, we provide a scientifically-driven approach to the clinical development of your trials, from study design through execution and data collection and analysis.  With our expertise, we are able to manage highly complex and challenging CNS trials with a hands on approach. 

Why Choose Lotus:

At Lotus, our team stands out with their exceptional qualifications and expertise. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Experience in Key Indications: Our team brings extensive experience in key indications such as depression, substance use disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and anxiety disorders. We understand the complexities of these conditions and are well-equipped to conduct research in these areas.
  • Access to Highly Experienced Staff: We provide access to highly experienced staff specializing in CNS indications. Their expertise ensures that your research is conducted with the utmost professionalism and precision.
  • Scientific Expertise: Through our connection to the Scientific Leadership Team of subject matter experts (SMEs), we offer valuable scientific expertise. This collaboration enables us to incorporate the latest advancements and insights into your research.
  • Execution of Phase I-IV Clinical Trials: We execute a wide range of Phase I-IV clinical trials, covering the entire spectrum of research. Our team is adept at managing all stages of the clinical trial process, ensuring efficient and successful outcomes.
  • Early Development Services for CNS Indications: We specialize in providing early development services for CNS indications. Whether it’s novel therapies or groundbreaking approaches, our team is skilled at driving progress in the early stages of CNS research.
  • Familiarity with Clinical Rating Scales and Screening Tools: We possess comprehensive familiarity with clinical rating scales and screening tools. This expertise allows us to accurately assess and evaluate patient responses and outcomes during clinical trials.
  • Internal Rater Training and Placebo Response Mitigation: We offer internal rater training to ensure consistency and reliability in assessments. Additionally, we implement strategies to mitigate placebo response, enhancing the validity and accuracy of study results.
  • Adjudication and Surveillance Services: Our team provides adjudication and surveillance services, ensuring the integrity and quality of your clinical trial data. We maintain a vigilant approach to uphold the highest standards throughout the research process.

Partner with Lotus to benefit from our seasoned team’s vast experience, scientific acumen, and comprehensive range of services. Together, we can advance the understanding and treatment of CNS indications while ensuring the highest standards of research integrity.