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Lotus, your ultimate destination for comprehensive clinical research solutions. Rooted in science, we boast unparalleled access to therapeutic experts across various CNS research areas. By partnering with Lotus as your all-in-one consultancy, Contract Research Organization (CRO), and site provider, you gain numerous advantages. Our organization operates seamlessly with two divisions, offering end-to-end solutions under one roof. From project initiation to full clinical package support, including our ERG sites, we ensure a streamlined process.

What sets Lotus apart is our exceptional ability to “risk mitigate” at the site level. Unlike any other CRO provider with multiple early phase sites, we offer unmatched capabilities and services. Initiating your study at our qualified Phase 1 site guarantees access to seasoned early phase teams, specialized patient populations, and prioritized clinic bed space for CRO-site combination projects. This key differentiator underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled service and sets our team apart from other vendors.

Choose Lotus as your trusted partner, where expertise, seamless collaboration, and risk mitigation converge, driving transformative results in CNS research.

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Analgesic Approvals

Many research centers claim to have analgesic experience and indicate that their enrollment has been robust. Below we present an overview on molecules that have been investigated in our clinic or serviced by our CRO, including select enrollment data.

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