As a leading analgesic CRO, Lotus Clinical Research offers a robust CRO infrastructure, program-wide scientific support, as well as extensive analgesic and pain-related expertise in a complete turnkey solution for clients.
Analgesic drug approvals
Pain trials completed
Positive FDA audits and no 483s issued
  • Analgesic Experts

    Analgesic Experts

    Lotus Clinical Research has been honing and improving our scientific accuracy of analgesic clinical research since 2001. With over 350 completed pain trials, 10 analgesic FDA approvals, 80 years of scientific support in pain reserach, 9 positive FDA audits with..
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  • Project Management

    Project Management

    The Lotus Clinical Research project manager is the cornerstone of a successful program. Lotus Clinical Research provides skilled project managers that are well suited to the needs of analgesic trials. With an average tenure of 10+ years in the industry,..
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  • EDC & Data Management

    EDC & Data Management

    Our databases fulfill important baseline attributes while allowing for the specialized configuration required for analgesic report outputs, and are configured with the end goal in mind: appropriate calculation of analgesic primary and secondary endpoints. Data management services include: Analgesic database design..
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  • Clinical Trial Monitoring

    Clinical Trial Monitoring

    Lotus Clinical Research monitors have experience with both outpatient and inpatient analgesic charting, including anesthetic records and surgical procedure notes. Monitors are also trained in placebo response reduction and the administration of analgesic questionnaires. Proprietary Lotus generated training tools allow..
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  • Site Selection

    Site Selection

    As a result of specializing in analgesic research since 2001, Lotus has worked repeatedly with sites that are experienced with common pain models such as: dental extraction, bunionectomy, abdominoplasty, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), Opioid Induced Constipation (OIC), knee replacement,..
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  • Biostatistics & Pain Profile Reports

    Biostatistics & Pain Profile Reports

    Biostatistics Our biostatistical staff members provide more than data analysis; they have in-depth knowledge of the methods for studying analgesic medications and the techniques that are used to analyze their results. Lotus Clinical Research biostatisticians have years of experience processing..
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  • Medical Monitoring

    Medical Monitoring

    Lotus Clinical Research's team of experienced physicians and nurses is dedicated to providing a support network for our subjects. In order to provide this level of support, Lotus Clinical Research provides a 24-hour safety service for our clinical trials. Analgesic..
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  • Medical Writing

    Medical Writing

    Lotus Clinical Research medical writers are experienced in both clinical and regulatory writing techniques to provide concisely written documents that exceed client expectations. Our writers work closely with our biostatisticians and peer reviewers to ensure documents are complete and faithfully..
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  • Quality Operations

    Quality Operations

    Lotus Clinical Research’s quality management team supports our internal teams and clients with the production of documents that comply with protocol and regulatory requirements. Our quality managers support the preparation of procedures, reports, and/or training materials that help safeguard study..
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  • Ethics Mangement

    Ethics Mangement

    Lotus Clinical Research provides ethics committee documentation services for sponsors. Our teams draw from extensive internal resources to provide the numerous services.
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Our Analgesic Expertise

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We are analgesic experts with a proven track record of conducting successful, full-service analgesic studies from startup through all phases of analgesic clinical trials. Learn more about our best-in-class capabilities, tools, and techniques.