Joint Replacement Surgery

Total Knee Replacement and Total Hip Replacement –

Lotus Clinical Research brings extensive expertise in the field of joint replacement studies.  We offer comprehensive services for single-center investigations conducted within our own affiliated facilities, as well as access to a well-vetted network of sites across the country for multicenter studies.

Total knee replacement and total hip replacement serve as excellent analgesic models, providing study results with high clinical relevance. While bunionectomy studies may enroll more rapidly and exhibit higher assay sensitivity, joint replacement studies are widely accepted within the medical community. Physicians, including orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, and general surgeons, perceive these studies as highly pertinent, as they directly impact their prescribing decisions for acute pain management.

At Lotus Clinical Research, we have successfully implemented key factors that contribute to the success of joint replacement trials:

  • Site Selection: We meticulously choose sites with a proven track record of reliable enrollment, ensuring efficient and timely recruitment.
  • Consensus Building: We foster consensus among surgeons and anesthesiologists regarding an acceptable regimen of perioperative medications. This collaborative approach enhances study outcomes and promotes standardized protocols.
  • Standardization of Ancillary Services: We emphasize the standardization of ancillary hospital services that can potentially confound analgesic results. This includes physical therapy, continuous passive range of motion devices, early ambulation protocols, and nerve blocks, ensuring consistency across study sites.
  • Placebo Response Training: To mitigate placebo response and enhance data validity, we provide thorough training for both study subjects and research staff. This training equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and minimize placebo effects.

By partnering with Lotus Clinical Research, you benefit from our extensive experience in joint replacement studies, ensuring high-quality research, standardized protocols, and optimized outcomes. Our commitment to scientific rigor and collaboration with the medical community makes us a trusted partner in advancing the understanding and treatment of joint replacement-related analgesia.