Lotus Clinical Research has developed proprietary materials for patient education and staff training that consistently increase effect size by minimizing variability and placebo response in analgesic clinical trials. In addition, we provide an exclusive placebo response education series designed to modulate patient expectations and mitigate placebo response.
Analgesic drug approvals
Pain trials completed
Positive FDA audits and no 483s issued
  • Placebo Response Videos

    Placebo Response Videos

    Lotus Clinical Research has developed a proprietary placebo response…
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  • Maximizing Effect Size

    Maximizing Effect Size

    At Lotus Clinical Research, we have spent years honing our clinical trial skills in order to minimize variability and reduce placebo response in our investigations.
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  • Staff Training

    Staff Training

    Properly educated staff can stabilize patient expectations and reduce placebo response.   At Lotus Clinical Research, we believe that following the protocol is only the beginning of our responsibility. Subjective endpoint clinical trials require finesse and critical thinking that move..
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  • Subject Education

    Subject Education

    As a study partner, the properly educated patient can be your greatest ally in avoiding falsely negative results.
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Our Analgesic Expertise

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We are analgesic experts with a proven track record of conducting successful, full-service analgesic studies from startup through all phases of analgesic clinical trials. Learn more about our best-in-class capabilities, tools, and techniques.

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May. 17, 2017 Neil Singla, MD, Chief scientific Officer of Lotus Clinical Research to chair the American Pain Society’s 2nd annual Conference on Analgesic Trials
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