Lotus Clinical Research’s Osteoarthritis

Lotus Clinical Research has performed multiple osteoarthritis investigations as both a research site and as a CRO. We are experienced in the osteoarthritis flare model within subject crossover deigns and parallel group designs.

The Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index (WOMAC) is an endpoint that is commonly used for osteoarthritis studies. Unfortunately, a common problem encountered when using the scale is that it is not always well understood by research personnel and/or study subjects.

In order to help remedy this issue, Lotus Clinical Research has developed a proprietary osteoarthritis training toolkit. This package has been successfully deployed in both single and multicenter osteoarthritis investigations over the past several years.

Training Toolkit

Provides study subject education via video training on using common osteoarthritis questionnaires effectively, avoiding placebo response, and the proper use of rescue medication.

Provides investigator and key study staff training focusing on appropriate study conduct. Specific issues that are addressed include:

  • Avoiding bias in participant communication, helping patients use osteoarthritis questionnaires correctly, minimizing placebo response, and providing proper instruction to study subjects on the use of rescue medication.
  • Increases data uniformity within and across the study sites.
  • Maximizes accuracy and precision in osteoarthritis questionnaire responses.